"Hi Kathy! I just have to tell you... I received the coats and... I LOVE them! They both fit perfectly, and look so nice! Coincidentally, the scarf you made for Paisley is the same pattern I fell in love with at the pet expo. Also, I love the pockets! I was actually going to ask you to add them, but I felt bad with all that I put you through already. And they are priced just right too. Some of the coats I was looking at (at the Pet Expo) started at $60-70 and above... and the quality wasn't even that great. I love the fact that your coats are made of thick material with a double layer. They will definitely keep Paisley and Buddy warm.

Anyway, I'll probably order another set of coats closer to winter. I've also recommended you to a few people..."
Dana C. King of Prussia, Pa

“I received the coat and it fits Bella perfectly! She has already used it when we had that big rain on Thursday night. I love the fact that there ISN’T a velcro closure in front and that it just slips over her head instead. Other coats usually only just make it around her neck and eventually end up coming undone. Many thanks again!”
Narda T. Scranton, Pa

“I have to tell you how pleased I am with the coats for SoHo. The grandpa plaid coat has such amazing detail – you really are talented!! As soon as I have time, I will take some pictures of SoHo modeling them – You really are talented.”
Kristen F. Dallas, Pa

“The Phillies coat is wonderful, and fits great, I love it and so does Carter! …... when he isn’t wearing it, he would actually go and lift it with his nose so he could wear it!”
Shannon H. Philadelphia, Pa

“Thanks so much…. You are a great businesswoman. I will certainly be telling everyone that I had no trouble getting a new jacket. It’s unfortunate that in today’s world there aren’t more honest and caring proprietors like you….thanks again.
Maryanne B. Secaucus, NJ

“I received the coat for ROCK and it fits very nice. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!”
Rosaura H. NY, NY

“Just returned from Florida….Thanks for the Yankees patches, Looks great.”
Jack M. NY, NY

“got the dog's’ coats…very pleased with your product, thanks”
Daniel S. New Jersey