Scarves are a perfect and inexpensive way to dress up your dog if its too hot for a coat or if he/she prefers not to wear one

They are available in a variety of fleece prints including your favorite holidays and sports teams.

For the most part, if your dog wears a certain size coat, he/she will wear the same size scarf.  In other cases, like my Dane, she wears a Giant coat but an XL scarf.

If you want to make sure to order the correct size, you can always measure your dog's neck and add a few inches for the part that hangs down the front.  This amount will vary depending on how far your dog is from the ground.  I usually recommend adding an additional 5-6 inches unless your dog is very small or low to the that case, add about two inches.

Scarf Prices:


S  $5.00

M  $6.00

Lg $7.00

XL $8.00


***If you place an order via this website and do not hear from me within a few business days, PLEASE call me directly at 570-479-0253***